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The Black Hair Museum is an interactive website that was made to emphasizes the beauty and history of Black Hair.  The Black Hair Museum was created on a design based platform called Ceros. Ceros has helped bring the Black Hair Museum to life. If I had to describe the Black Hair Museum in two words it would be informative and interactive. The website gives information about black hair and it is interactive because it has clickable items that allow users to choose certain outcomes and options. There has been a need for the celebration of black hair more than ever. I am here to keep the movement going. 



During Sprint Zero I was introduced to the Sprint Model. I created a tentative set of goals that I wanted to achieve throughout the rest of the semester. As each Sprint concluded I was able to look back on my inital goals. 


Sprint One began the groundwork phase for the Black Hair Museum. During this Sprint I started to design different logos for my capstone and gather interview questions for the website videos. 


During Sprint Two I solidified the medium I chose to complete my capstone in (Ceros). I utilized a great portion of time learning how to navigate the software. Ceros has a Help Center and Video Lessons that teaches you how to create interactive experiences. 


Sprint took the biggest toll on me. The work from home life took a toll on me and stopped my creative process, but once I got started putting ideas into Ceros it was the spark I needed to get this project started. 


Sprint Four challenged me the most with the big deadline on the horizon it put everything in perspective. I believe the most progress on the website was made during this Sprint. 


Thank You to every black girl came before me who has the courage to love their black hair and helped me do the same. 

  • Dr. William Moner for being a great capstone advisor and helping me bring this entire project to life.

  • Dr. Sownade Mustakeem for her encouraging words. Kind word to a stranger went a long way.

  • Rakhia, Laticia, Amonie, Felecia, Tehya, London, William, Michael, Hyllary & Ashleigh for all the feedback and friendship.

  • God. I wouldn't be here without him.


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